Amir Khan: The Legendary Boxer

Amir Khan is a Northern lad, born in Bolton in 1986 he has had a formidable rise in Boxing fame. At only 23yrs he was the unified light-welterweight world champion, holding the WBA title from 2009 to 2012 and took the IBF title in 2011. From 2014 – 2016 he held the WBC Silver welterweight title and is looking to be a contender for the world middleweight title.

Amir Khan Background

Born into a Muslim, Pakistani -British family, he has two sisters and a younger brother, Haroon, who is also a pro boxer. Amir Khan attended Smithills school in Bolton and then went onto Bolton Community College. His interest in boxing started when he was 11yrs, and his potential showed quickly.

After winning three English school boxing titles, he went on to win three junior ABA titles. This drew the attention of the Olympic select committee, and Amir went on to win Gold att he 2003 Junior Olympics and at the 2004 European Student Championships in Lithuania. His star continued to rise as he became the darling of the English public by winning Silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics when he was 17.

Amir Khan – Out of the Ring

2017 saw a lot of publicity that Amir and his family could have done without, touching on his personal life, not his boxing. Although the media cannot take all the blame for the gossip; as Amir made very public his split from his wife Faryal Makhdoom through his Tweets via Twitter. Amir and Faryal were married in 2013 and had a daughter Lamaisah born 2014. Not long after the marriage, Amir hit the gossip column with a rumoured leaked sex tape with a former girlfriend.

Did you know Amir is a committed Bolton Wanderers Fan? Well, to set the record straight he is and has been since a boy. He can regularly be seen at their matches both home and away. His interest in Bolton does not end with just being a fan. It had also been reported in 2015 that Amir made an offer to invest in the club to prevent it going into administration. That did not materialise, but in 2017 he has offered to stage a fight on the home ground at Macron Stadium for the first time in seven years.

Amir Khan, Bolton Wanderers Fan holding the FA Cup

Whats Next For Amir Khan?

Amir Khan for such a relatively young man has had an interesting career with potentially a lot more thrilling fights to look forward to. His out of the ring behaviour is both grounded as in his outspoken support for his community in Bolton, yet displays a ‘celebrity’ status, where his non-boxing activities are becoming a popular item for the gossip columnists. Fans are hoping that it is just a phase and we will all be back watching this champion were he belongs, in the ring.