Betting on boxing

Betting on boxing is increasingly becoming popular as times change. This can especially be attributed to the increased coverage of the sport despite the game experiencing a slight decline in popularity. The excitement brought by the boxers has also played a key factor. With this excitement, more and more people have discovered the game and fallen in love with it. It is no surprise that people have gotten the urge to wage on their favorite players.

History Of Betting on Boxing

Betting on boxing has been around for ages although it was not formally conducted. In most periods of time, the art of boxing did not have many rules as compared with today. In ancient Rome, the fight was to the death hence winner of a wage would be based on who was left alive. The sport has however evolved with concepts such as Knock-out (KO) and technical knock-out (TKO) coming into play. These have greatly revolutionalized how people bet on boxing.

How to bet on Boxing

These are the ways to place a bet on boxing. Straight Betting is when you simply wage on one fighter to win the boxing match. With this, the odds are expressed on the money line. Over/Under Betting entails predicting how long a certain match will last. With this, the issue of who wins is not relevant. When betting using this option, you will be provided with a list of fighters, the total number of rounds and money choice for each.

Boxing Parlays entail placing multiple bets at the same time with two being the least. The goal of this is to win all so as to get a lofty payout. Special bets may also be offered especially on high profile bouts. A good example of such is if there will be a knockout in a specific round or the opposite, both fighters remaining on their feet the whole time. In some fights, the boxer may declare he/she will win in a certain round and this may attract special bets.

Conclusion To Betting On boxing

Although for the last few years boxing as a sport has experienced a decline, betting on boxing still remains very popular. Dating centuries back the simplest way to place a bet is by selecting the winner but other modes of betting have emerged. They include Over/Under Betting which entails predicting how long a certain match will last. Boxing Parlays entail placing multiple bets at the same time and finally special bets on high bout matches.

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