Want to start boxing?

Boxing is an interesting and pretty challenging combat sport. When you´re thinking about starting some basic training, is important to think about your boxing goals. Do you simply want to become more fit, or maybe you would like to be able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation? Or would you rather like to compete with other boxers and eventually become a boxing champion like Amir Khan? A clear definition of your goal(s) will help you in choosing the right kind of boxing club or gym you decide to enroll in.

Want to start boxing? And need some tips?

So you decided you want to start boxing? The first thing you will probably want to do, is finding a boxing class that matches with your ambitions. There are a lot of different classes available, all specifically aimed at certain goals. Amir Khan didn´t become a champion all by himself; he became this good by training with like minded boxers, and so can you. You can find boxing schools for people who are very serious about their training and want to compete with other boxers. There are also schools that offer a teaching method that is more focused on overall fitness and boxing techniques.

Want to start boxing? And become a champion like Amir Khan?

Next to that, you will find boxing schools that solely focus on women and their ability to defend themselves in nasty situations. If you would like a bit of everything though, you can also find some pretty solid allround boxing schools that offer a multitude of classes. The most important thing is to be sure about your goals, since the right boxing club will have loads of members who share your goals. And shared goals will double your motivation!

Boxing requires some serious motivation

The thought of joining a boxing club might make you slightly anxious or even terrified, due to the prospect of constantly throwing punches. You can very easily motivate yourself though, by keeping in mind that boxing gives you a workout that burns an enormous amount of calories, improves your muscle strength and increases your stamina. It’s also a very fun and useful way of developing certain skills to help people build a healthy feeling of self-esteem.

Boxing is a fun, challenging and social sport

There are so many types of boxing schools, boxing techniques and boxing goals, that it’s nearly impossible to dislike the sport. There is literally a suitable boxing class for everyone, whether you’re a new, experienced or even professional boxer like Amir Khan. Thinking about your goals will help you choose the right school for you, after that your peers will help you keep your motivation. You will become fit, make new friends and will definitely have a lot of fun whilst attaining your goals at the same time!